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  • 72 pages including the color cover
  • Quick Ref. Charts for large/small games, miniatures and/or tables.
  • If you know the 18th Century, you can play right away with just the Quick Reference Charts.

  1. Read This First
  2. Raison de Étre
  3. Historical Setting
  4. People, Planning and Playing
  5. Organizing and Basing Wargame Units
  6. Marshalling Brigades For The Tabletop
  7. Protocols
  8. Optional Fun Things
  9. Examples of Play
  10. Questions and Answers
  11. Bibliography
  12. Seven Years War Brigade Deployment Manual

  13. Quick Reference Chart Series #1 and Simplified Drill Manual
    Quick Reference Chart Series #2 and Simplified Drill Manual

What Makes BAR Significantly Different?
  • Fun
  • Easy To Play - Right Away
  • No Rosters
  • No Order Writing
  • Use Only D6s
  • Decisive Results
  • Stunning Organizational System
  • Historical Battalion Structures
  • Historical Squadron Structures
  • Use 1, 2 or 3 Ranks {3 = Historical}
  • Start Small
  • Grow Larger Later
  • Photographs Galore (18 of them)
  • For 15mm up to 40mm Miniatures
  • You Don't Have To Rebase
  • Command 1-3 Brigades
  • Quick Ref. Charts #1 {Large Tables}
  • Quick Ref. Charts #2 {Small Tables}
  • Purchase Points To Buy Your Force
  • Or Don't Use Purchase Points
  • Unpredictable
  • Use NEW Historical Information
  • Form Line From Col. Like They Did
  • Form Col. From Line Like They Did
  • New Tactical Formations
  • This System HAS Maneuver
  • Long Movement Rates {No creeping}
  • Bring Up Reserves Fast
  • Cavalry May, Trot, Canter or Gallop
  • Cav. "Flows" Around Foot In Melee
  • Cav. Can "Pierce" Infantry Lines
  • Breakthroughs ARE Breakthroughs
  • Add Extra Historical Dynamics
  • Make Up Fictional Petty States
  • Don't Use National Characteristics
  • Or Use National Characteristics
  • Fun Activities Before Game Day
  • How To Run Efficient Wargames
  • 18th Cent. Good Form For Players
  • Selected Examples of Play
  • Bibliography
  • Adapted From Successful Drums Of War Along The Mohawk System

Over two years in playtesting. Proven in battle, many convention games and counting.
I assure you it works and is fun. Moreover it gives the feel of a mid-18th Century battle.

For Grand Tactical enthusiasts, my suggestion is easy. Merge your units into larger ones of 24 or higher numbers of miniatures. We use small and large units in BAR. Skirmish wargamers will find much of value regarding the era. Bloggers, if I may be so bold saying, here is your set of rules for your petty states and campaigns.
8.5"x11" format
Spine strongly stapled.
Lies flat enough to reference all pages.

BAR is not just a set of rules. It is also conversational in part regarding the importance of social interactions and good form among us in Chapter 4.

I trust you will enjoy twelve maxims for good behavior compiled in 1746 by George Washington.